Appapella The Pocket-Size Production Studio

The Urban Karaoke App.  Want to be heard? sing and rap to Appapella, produce your tracks and share.

Appapella is an original sound platform and a creative way to get your talent heard whether you’re a composer, singer, or songwriter.

Not everyone has access to the studio effects that make a track sound professional enough to stand out.  Appapella by Audibase | Audio Social Network provides people with the tools they need to do this.

A unique karaoke app for iPhone, producing music that has never been heard before.  Producers can upload their instrumental compositions while lyricists can sing and rap their own passionate words over the top.  The app can merge these collaborations together to produce a smooth blended record.   A choice of filters can be added to the track to enhance vocals.

A variety of instrumental tracks are available in the Appapella store ready for instant download and use.  There is also a wide choice of lyrics provided if the artist doesn’t have their own.

Meet other artists passionate about writing personal music that sounds awesome and can be quickly shared with the world.  Get set up with a click of a button.

Share your tracks with a variety of options.  Download your track and share with social networking sites or embed your record on your own site.  You can also send it out via email or SMS to any individual.

All uploads are verified as belonging to the submitter before being approved for use on the app, we look after our artists, copyright is protected.


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