Audibase Audio Social Network

Audibase is Audio Social Network and a great dictaphone alternative app that allows you to Record long audio and then instantly upload, comment and share your audio online on your own website or blog. Audibase audio can be secure and private for individual and business use or it can be publicly viewable for social networking, the audibase comments system allows you to add time specific comments within your audio great for journalists, journalism, coaching, interviews, sermons, workshops and any audio based content. We also provide audio blogs for people who want to get their voices heard on a global platform.

With Audibase you can also set action points within important parts of your audio recording, this can be a great time saver when listening back to large audio recordings, just skip to your action points and make notes.

Audibase can record upto 2 hours great for those long important meetings where you don’t want to miss a word.

Audibase is the all in one solution for your audio needs download the app and sign up at

Audibase do not offer any in app purchases or advertisements.