Amazon Web Services, Roku, FireTV & WordPress Video Streaming

May 08, 2016 Category: amazon web services, appcelerator, branding, identity, mobile apps, swift, wordpress Client: gt3devTime spent: 6 days

S3Bubble in a nutshell

You’ve heard of Amazon S3, you’ve heard of Dropbox and you’ve heard of YouTube. I’m guessing you have not yet heard of S3Bubble. Lets see that change, S3Bubble is a secure media streaming service without limits. Forget Vimeo and YouTube, using S3Bubble you can record your audio, video or images directly from our app and then upload directly to your S3B account, with no limitations to the size or length of the file.

Why is this better you ask? Why not see for yourself, download the app and sign up for a 30 day free trial, it is as easy as that. You can share all your content wherever you want, email, facebook, twitter, blog site, website. It is unlimited, secure and stored in the cloud so no clogging up your phone storage.

Further more, you don’t yet have a website selling your digital media but you want one? Download our theme and have it all, the website has eCommerce functionality syncing with a choice of PayPal or Stripe. Share your videos and make money.

Checkout S3Bubble here.