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Its great to be able to announce that our umbrella company S3Bubble can now offer the same setup as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video uses to stream their videos, we have lots of awesome technologies available for our users.

Why HLS Adaptive Bitrate.

The reason adaptive bitrate is so awesome and is becoming a industry standard is for the support from all devices with IOS, Android and all modern browsers supporting HLS streaming.

Lets talk through the technology if you have a mp4 file and you would like to encode this for the web you would normally use a service like handbrake or ffmpeg none of these services give you the ability to encode to HLS. But now with S3Bubble this can be done at the click of a button and we connect to Amazon Web Services and encode your mp4 into multiple formats we also securely encrypt each individual file we transcode with 128 AES government level encryption making your content super secure and generate thumbnails at 10 second intervals throughout your mp4 video the format doesn’t have to be mp4 this can be a mov or any other supported video format.

This can also be done with audio.

So after all the magic happens you are delivered and full video setup with securely encoded .ts files. The most important thing to note when using this technology you no longer need the switch button in the corner like most video players the player will automatically serve the best content based on your connection creating a amazing experience for your users no more annoying buffer spinner the picture will pixellate and then pick back up based on connect i am sure you will have noticed this when using Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Checkout S3Bubble now.

Watch this tutorial video

[s3bubbleHlsVideoJs bucket=”irelands3bubble” track=”Secure-128-AES-Encryption-HLS-Streaming-Netflix-Setup-S3Bubble/8890e2353728b946060fca62c64e9e3ef95a2d3e7033a8fb57a1dadd05360d2c/hls_8890e2353728b946060fca62c64e9e3ef95a2d3e7033a8fb57a1dadd05360d2c.m3u8″ aspect=”16:9″ autoplay=”false” advert_link=”” disable_skip=”false” /]

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