Audio Tweets Needs Your Voice

#Audio Tweet and find you voice, Twitter is clearly not going anywhere any time soon. We’ve become a society obsessed with posting our #likes and #dislikes.

Audio Tweet was born out of a love for audio.  We wanted to provide a platform to vocally share on twitter. Sometimes it is simply easier to just say what we’re thinking.

Here at SoBytes we love to build apps, nothing makes us happier than creating a new concept, building it and anticipating its release onto the app store.

Twitter is a fantastic platform to build apps for, its fast moving, popular and an open space for people and businesses to connect.  SoBytes loves audio and has always been eager to build a simple solution to tweet quick audio snippets and instantly share with followers.

Audio Tweets became the result.  It works fabulously in its simplicity, no need to for any extra equipment or devices.  Login to the app using your twitter account, click record, share with twitter.  There are so many reasons to use this app.  Audio makes social networking more sociable.  Imagine being on a date night and you’ve been taken to a gorgeously expensive restaurant.  All you want to do is share your experience without rudely being sat on your phone.  Simple solution, record your review together and tweet it.  Share your experiences, lets start using social networking to be sociable.

Twitter is a mass of tweets, videos, business advertisements and images.  I guess the point is Twitter like all social networking is about having a voice.  That’s why you need Audio Tweets find your voice and share it.  Download the app and give it a go



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