Audibase Unique Audio Social Network

Audibase is an exciting platform collaborating all genres of audio lovers under one roof.  Visit our site and have a listen for yourselves.


Audibase is our audio social networking service provided by SoBytes.  We love all things audio whether that be music, educational talks, audio blogs or audio books.  Audio can be the chance to creatively and verbally express ourselves.  We wanted to build a platform that would make doing this easy accessible and fun.

The website is a fantastic place to discover unique artists who have put themselves on display for us to enjoy and expereience.  We like to think that we’ve provided a safe haven for the everyday Joe to present themselves.  There is a growing variety of genres on our site varying from the urban musician to the shy yet brave audio blogger.  It’s an exciting and unique space for anyone to use.

By now you will have noticed that SoBytes loves a good App.  Audibase is no exception to this, we have built an awesome audio recording, social networking app.  Click record, upload and share on the Audibase site or Twitter or Facebook.  You’re in control of your recordings so you can always store them on the app until you’re ready to share them.

Being slightly geeky at SoBytes we also decided to make the viewing experience at Audibase a little more fun and quirky by adding in the option for gifs.  Gifs, despite being first created in the late eighties, are still a popular part of our web browsing.  This is because gifs are attention grabbing, they’re short, simple and effective.  Requiring less commitment and brain participation than videos.

Check out Audibase, I guarantee you’ll discover some gems that are no where else to be found.  It is a unique social networking site that is a joy to listen to.

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