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Big Reporter the easy way to Swipe and View News. Download or update now to experience this new slick functionality


Once known as ‘World News App’  Big Reporter has been on a journey and we believe we have nearly created the best news app.  Pulling in data from around the globe, providing an easy and convenient way to keep up with what is happening in the world.

The original goal of building an app that would display a balanced news agenda is still an objective close to our hearts.  Every story told has a different angle, every country around the world has its own opinion.  Big Reporter loves to embrace and seeks to learn and understand differences found in other countries.

But as with everything else, there is always room for improvement.  That’s why we have brought in the new swipe functionality.  Now using the app is a simple process of selecting a country, selecting a news channel/paper and swiping through the headlines until you find an article of interest.

This functionality allows you to swipe through hundreds of headlines in a matter of minutes.  Dismissing topics that are considered unimportant to the individual.  We have taken away the need to scroll through endless pages on news websites and provided a means to view only the best bits.

Big Reporter want to hear your opinion, we all have one so lets get debating and share our thoughts.  Simply click on the comment box and start typing, better yet view other comments and start responding.

Big Reporter, the news app that allows you to swipe, view and write.  No irritating advertisements getting in the way just world news and social networking.

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