S3Bubble is being Relaunched

S3Bubble has been on the biggest journey out of all of our services.  It’s about to embark on the most dramatic transition so far.

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S3Bubble is a brilliant media streaming service enabling our users to embed large media files into their WordPress sites.  We’ve been developing this concept for roughly two years now.  The exciting news of the relaunch is a result of taking all our experience and knowledge and creating a simple approach to S3Bubble.  KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

Over time S3Bubble has become more complicated and confusing to use.  This has resulted in our Support team being inundated with requests and questions on what to do.  The good news is however, we have an amazing following of loyal supporters who have loved using S3Bubble despite its sometimes confusing processes.

The support from our users is what drives us and pushes us to build a better S3Bubble service.  Wanting to relaunch the website https://s3bubble.com/ with the “KISS” strategy in mind we started to discuss how to restructure our business model.

Our plan for the relaunch is to eliminate the current business packages and have just two payment schemes.  The basic package will be a small monthly fee ($5.99US) this will include unlimited amazon storage, the use of our S3Bubble app syncing all your files, and media streaming.

The all inclusive package will be a larger monthly fee ($79US) this will include our customised media WordPress theme download.  Within this theme you can build your own branded site, stream all your media files, sync up with the S3Bubble app and sell your media content via a choice of PayPal or Stripe.  All this functionality will be built into the theme avoiding the need for lots of Plugins.  By doing this we believe our target audience will have a much better experience of S3Bubble without websites crashing in the chaos of hacking coding together.

Wanting to build a quality service that has gone through vigorous testing to ensure our customers will not experience any problems, we are taking our time.  We have not yet set a launch date, but know that when we do be prepared to be amazed.


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