Swipe Followers Quickly Gain Twitter Followers

Swipe Followers really is the quickest and easiest way to either follow or unfollow bulk Twitter users. #Follow

Swipe Followers is precisely what it says on the tin, you swipe the screen and either follow or unfollow the Twitter profile.  We’ve all been there, just starting out with Twitter and needing to follow lots of profiles to hopefully raise ones own profile.  Or on the flip side you may have followed a few too many and need to balance out the follow/being followed ratio.

This idea first came about because one of our developers discovered the superb swipe functionality.  Being part of SoBytes they desperately wanted to put it to some good use so built Swipe Followers.  We later added the same function to Big Reporter giving it a slick user friendly edge.

Swipe Followers is a perfect example of the excitement and buzz in our office when our developers stumble upon a new feature.  It also exemplifies how SoBytes achieves a great product through exploration and an enthusiasm for what we do.

Swipe Followers is a great little app, it is simple and does exactly what it is suppose to do.  If you want to gain followers on Twitter quickly then I suggest you download our app and give it a go.  Like all of our apps it is completely free to download.  http://www.swipefollowers.com/

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