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Feb 17, 2015 by Naomi Category: Blog, Mobile Applications, Web Services 0 comments

SoBytes LTD is a company passionate about technology, we would love to move into the realms of physical digital.  Connecting our apps with physical objects and building more engaging technology.


SoBytes has been keen to continue learning physical digital technology. Spurred on from the work we achieved for Lumishore, building an app that links with their EOS controller enabling control of lights around yachts.

As a result of all this excitement SoBytes sought out another web developer to join our team who would share our ambition for physical digital technology.  Jamaal joined us in the new year to kickstart our resolution to move SoBytes into unchartered territory.  Jamaal instantly managed to get the Raspberry Pi up and running and together with Sam’s knowledge of mobile apps they quickly made a connection between the two devices.

The first connection is always the crucial point, once we achieved that the only way is forwards.  The following ‘Fun Day Friday’ our technical duo managed to set up a camera that worked via sensors and sent the video footage over Wifi to the iPhone.  Small steps in the right direction will, we hope, lead to a laser sensor app.  The purpose of this app would be to send pre determined notifications to your phone. The concept is a laser trip wire, attaching the device to the bottom of a door.  Every time you “trip” on the laser beam it will send a reminder to your phone.  For example – “Dave, don’t forget that Science homework due in today” – just imagine the possibilities.

If you have any ideas or you’re interested in supporting our cause please get in touch. We are a small team and love collaborating with other passionate technical geniuses.


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